Struggling to Listen

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Kanefus R. Walker

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Have you ever prayed and asked to be able to hear that still, small voice of God? I know I have on many occasions.  As a matter of fact, I am in that moment (at least that is what I call it) right now where I really need to hear from Him.  I read.  I try to meditate. I pray.  Yet I still hear nothing.  Then I get distracted.  Struggling to listen.

I know He is there and I know He speaks to me.  Yet I keep missing the signs and sounds.  I try to make sense of things as they happen and I look for an answer.  I have cried (even today) searching for understanding, searching for direction.  My soul yearns for Him to reveal some things.  I ask.  I wait. Still nothing.  Then comes more distractions.  Struggling to listen.

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Prayers around me are being answered.  Wonderful things are happening for so many people that I love.  I am truly happy to see God move in the lives of some really good people.  It makes me hopeful that something wonderful is in His plan for me.  He is real and so is His grace and mercy.  So I have to fight through these distractions.  Struggling to listen.

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One day everything will be clear. His voice will be audible.  His directions will be understood. Each prayer will be answered.  My focus will be sure.  All that I seek that aligns with His will, will manifest.  The distractions will cease.  My listening ear will be in tune with the melody of His words that have been said just for me.  The struggle will be over.

Until that day I will continue to give God the praise and honor that He is due.  He is more than worthy of all that I can give.  

Nothing in this life is easy.  But God never said it would be.  I have to trust and believe.  Speak God…I am listening.

Published by Lisa B.

I am a passionate educator, community volunteer, child advocate, and Christian blogger. I am a native of Harvey, Illinois who enjoys teaching first grade in Atlanta Public Schools. In my spare time, I enjoy attending hot yoga classes and working out. I am also a seller on Teachers Pay Teachers and love creating educational resources to share with others. I love living out my change lives through community outreach, global missions, education, and to bring life and light to the world through writing.

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